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El. paštas
* žymi privalomus laukus
2009-10-22 09:54:06
I've heard that I should breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth when I run. Is that correct?

Answer: No, that's wrong. You should allow air to enter through both your mouth and nose when you're running. Your muscles need oxygen to keep moving and your nose simply can't deliver enough.

Question: Can I Get Cramps from Drinking While Running?
Whenever I drink water before or during my runs, I get cramps on my side. Is it OK to not drink while running so I can avoid cramps?
Answer: The idea that you'll get cramps from drinking water while running is a myth. Drinking water, whether it's warm or cold, before or during running should not cause side stitches. The best ways to prevent side stitches while running is to make sure you warm-up properly and to breathe deeply through your mouth.

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2009-10-20 19:38:44
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